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Partner Connection

October 2022

Grace and peace to you and yours in our Faithful Lord Jesus.

We want to give thanks and praise to God for sparing us in the midst of the recent hurricane that hit southwest Florida. Our people and properties in Sarasota are all unharmed thanks to His mercy and faithfulness. Thank you for your prayers and for checking on us. We are currently partnering with Convoy of Hope in sending 40 truckloads of relief supplies to the areas that were hardest hit. Our hearts and prayers are going out to those who are having to rebuild their lives. And yet we are sure that our gracious God is able to restore them and give them even more than before.

The Week of Increase in Branson just finished, and the Lord helped and met us wonderfully. If you were not able to be there or join by some other means, you can still watch it online. We're still shouting about "The Lord is My Shepherd, the Good One!"

Our featured teaching for this time is our new book "Tithing Today." (Click the Featured Book box on the website.) In it, we deal with a number of questions that people have asked and even struggled with. Phyllis and I, and the churches and ministries we oversee, are all tithing entities. And we have seen and experienced how God has kept us, blessed us, and increased us through every time and season. One of the great benefits of being a tither is that the Lord will "rebuke the devourer for your sake." I believe we just experienced that in being spared from devastation from the storm and in many, many other instances over the years. In the new covenant, tithing isn't a regulation, it's a revelation. It's not about paying something like a bill; it's about giving honor and access to God, our complete and only Source. As you read this book, let the Scriptures--not tradition or reasoning--be your final authority on the subject.

A great report we have is the launching of our multi-language Faith School site. Our first translations of Faith School classes in languages other than English are now available! Many more are soon to come. Thank you so much for standing and believing with us for this. This is a vision we've had for years, and it is finally coming to pass. PRAISE GOD!

By the goodness and grace of God, you and I are going to do our part to "Go the whole world over, and proclaim the Good News to all mankind." (Weymouth) This cannot be accomplished in English only. And we can't accomplish it without you, our partners. Thank you, thank you, thank you for all you do. The reward will be very great.

Doing our part together,

Keith Moore

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