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October 2020

Grace and peace to you and all yours.

Truly the Lord has sustained us through all the trials of this year thus far. And we are confident He will yet deliver us from anything to come. (2 Corinthians 1:10)

We just finished our "Week of Increase" in Branson, and the Lord met us so graciously. Thousands came together in giving to make up a substantial, significant seed that we are in the process of distributing right now. Some dozen churches and ministries have already been helped, with many more to come. I believe the Father is well pleased to see your heart of love and faith in giving so unselfishly.

In dark times, the light really shines. We've received numerous testimonies of financial and material miracles during these past few months. Where jobs were lost, new and better-paying jobs are being gained. Where businesses closed, new and more profitable businesses are opening. I know this is not the case everywhere, but it is the case where individuals are steadfastly believing God.

Don't accept a permanent loss. Don't give up expecting to come out in even better condition. Myself, Phyllis, and the staffs here are believing with you for outstanding things now, in these days. When others see how God so graciously and miraculously provides for you now, it's a bright witness. Let your light shine in these dark times.

I encourage you to feed on our series "Rules of Reaping"(click the Featured Series box on our website) and also on Bro. Kenneth E. Hagin's mini-book entitled "How God Taught Me About Prosperity" (available at rhema.org/store/books). Many have sown repeatedly, but they have incorrectly thought that reaping is automatic. It isn't. We must use our faith to reap. When we sow in faith, we lay up in our heavenly account, but when it's time to reap, we must in faith "lay hold" of what we need. (Matthew 6:19-20; 1 Timothy 6:19)

What the enemy meant for evil, God can turn around for good. Instead of being destroyed this year, we will be advanced this year--from grace to grace, from faith to faith, from glory to glory!

Thank you for believing with us, and for joining your faith and resources with ours. Together we are doing so much more for the Kingdom than we could ever do alone.

In His service,

Keith Moore

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