God is on your side. He is with you. He is for you. And if God is for you, who or what can successfully be against you? The enemy is constantly working to convince people that they are helpless pawns, that they are powerless to do anything about their plight. But the Lord didn't leave us without help or power.


Sickness, disease, and pain are NOT the will of God for you. They cannot be. Healing is His will for you!

I've been watching Faith School. I was watching The Healing of the Crippled Man at Lystra Part 2 - Day 3, and you had a word of knowledge to pray for people who had joint pain. I received that word and moved my hands and feet, and my joints are completely free of stiffness and pain!! - JL (Moravian Falls, NC, 1/19/22)

I’ve been watching Faith School for a while now. While doing so, I’ve been believing and thanking the Lord for the money and the way to go to Graduate School – debt free. He provided the money for my undergrad (full scholarship). I knew He’d do the same for my Graduate school! Today, I received a Graduate Assistantship that will cover my whole graduate school tuition!! - AP (Unknown, 6/10/21)


In the Bible, our merciful Father has given us the perfect plan to get out of financial problems: Seek first the kingdom of God.


It matters what you say. You use your tongue to steer your life. You can change the direction of your life with your words.

Thank you for Faith School. It is helping me grow in faith. My thinking is changing from being a victim to victorious, from being fearful to confident in the Lord! I don't have words to thank you. God bless you! - LD (Belgaum, India, 6/29/21)

We just wanted to thank you for Faith School! We discovered it about 3 weeks ago on YouTube, and me, my husband, and 16-year-old daughter are now watching one episode every day. We have already learned so much in Faith School and are more than grateful to have found it, praise God! - NH (Helsingborg, Sweden, 7/29/21)

Marriage, Family, & Relationships

The scourge of the earth is selfishness. It is the cause of all the pain and suffering on the planet. The cure for every ill is the great Love of God. Selfishness takes, but Love gives. Though selfishness and self-centeredness are the nature of our flesh, we can overcome them by the Love that's been shed abroad in our hearts and become a giver like our Father.


There are many voices and many influences in this world, and some of them can be strong. The devil is pushy and is constantly trying to mislead you. But the Holy Spirit is the Spirit of truth, and if you’ll be led by Him, He will lead you right out of confusion into glorious light. He will lead you out of sickness into health. He will lead you out of debt into freedom, out of lack into prosperity. And He will lead you out of death into life!

I just wanted to thank you very much for Faith School. I always hear from God specifically to me when I listen. - RM (Brigantine, NJ, 9/12/21)1

My husband and I listen to your Faith School messages and have been immensely blessed. These teachings on faith have given us revelation and opened our heart to God's Word in a new way.

During this week’s message on the faith of the Syrophoenician woman, as you were speaking on the evil spirit, I was inspired to pray by the Holy Spirit, and a spirit of heaviness and despair that I had for a couple of weeks suddenly left me. I cannot explain to you in words, but I felt a new freedom and God's love in a special way. Even during many of your sermons, the anointing has liberated us and empowered our faith. We are so thankful to God for your ministry and for God's truth that you teach with so much clarity, which has renewed our mind and changed our life. - AR (Raaba, Austria, 7/16/21)

Depression, Grief, & Anxiety

Don't give up. God loves you so much. Give Him some time to help you, get you out, and show you what He can do.

Have A Testimony?

I live by faith. I walk by faith. I overcome the world by faith, I'm strong in faith, giving glory to God.

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Who is Keith Moore?

Keith Moore is the founder and president of Moore Life Ministries, Faith Life Church of both Branson, Missouri and Sarasota, Florida, and Faith Life International. In addition to pastoring the two churches, he also continues to minister at churches and meetings across the US and internationally.

He and his wife Phyllis minister strongly in the areas of love, faith, healing, prosperity, and honor.


Faith School is a daily broadcast where Brother Moore teaches the basics—the ABCs—of faith. Faith School recordings began in the Spring of 2018, and the week-long messages began being aired that June. The “classes” are recorded in an old-fashioned classroom in the studio at Faith Life Church Sarasota. As Brother Moore teaches these classes, he is believing for grace to minister faith in such a way that both the new believer and someone who has been walking by faith for sixty years can receive revelation and understanding of the basics of faith. All of the lessons are based on scriptural foundations and examples of faith.

No. Faith School does not have a campus and does not require physical attendance. The classes are offered free of charge online, and no submitted assignments are required.

If you are new to Faith School, we encourage you to begin watching Week 1 and continue through the weeks of lessons. This will provide you with a strong foundation and will strengthen your faith as you watch the consecutive lessons.

Faith School is offered free of charge online via the Faith School website, the Faith Life Church Roku Channel, and the Faith Life Church YouTube channel. Faith School also airs on the Victory Channel every Monday through Friday at 9:00 am.

You can also watch or listen to Faith School through the RSS links provided on Podcasting apps like Apple Podcasts and others. This is great for options like use offline, on the go, with the screen off, tracking your progress, resuming where you left off and quick rewinds.

You are welcome to watch Faith School individually or with a small group or an entire church family. There is no charge to participate in Faith School.

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